Turning Stones - George McKale

Dreaded senior projects

There is an age-old tradition playing out at Sonoma Valley High School.  Well, that may be stretching it just a bit, however, as the... Continue

A party worth forgetting

Sonoma may be criticized for plenty of things, although none come to mind, however, there is one thing we do better than any other... Continue

Spring’s bounty, then and now

What a confusing winter. Once again, spring is coming fast and judging from the wildflowers springing up around our hillsides and Valley... Continue

Maxwell’s legacy

Lately there has been a stir over at Maxwell Farms Regional Park.  There are discussions in the works about upgrading the park to... Continue

Resolutions: joining the lucky 12 percent

A resolution is a promise to oneself to improve upon one’s previous actions, or lack thereof. In that vein, I will end the year... Continue

A Poet Laureate named Ina

This week I bring to the forefront Ina Coolbrith. Jack London was quite taken with her, stating her to be the noblest woman he had... Continue

Daddy Warbucks, Pilgrims and pie

Last week I had the great opportunity to once again play Daddy Warbucks in the Broadway Bound Kids production of Annie. This was my... Continue

Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Purgative Pellets

The average life span for American white males born in 2006 increased from 77 to 78 years. Sounds great for those American white males... Continue

Every musket ball tells a story

As westward expansion began to slowly creep into Mexican territory by the mid 1830s, men, women and children made their way west across... Continue

Rite of Reversal

It’s almost here.  The thrill of dressing up, applying makeup, transforming oneself into something else altogether, is upon us.... Continue